Unkle Bob “The Deepest Sea”

JustMe/ In Black Records | May 27, 2016

The Deepest Sea by Unkle Bob cover art

This record is magical. It simply leaves me speechless. I am really thankful this little commentary is in writing, because I am now listening to this album again with a huge lump in my throat. This lump is not the sign of disappointment. It is the kind you get when you listen to a series of great songs that leave you in awe. This is the reason why I love music. I love the moment you listen to a track for the first time, and you just know this piece of music will stay with you. And I had this type of realisation for almost every song in this album.

Honestly, this album blows my mind (and will hopefully blow yours as well). The lyrics, the progressions, the intensity, Rick’s voice, and the general mood of this record make it one of the best releases of this year.

‘Trust’ is deep, and moody (‘You’re the only one that I can trust’). The building intensity in ‘Maybe Mediocrity’, just like in ‘The Long Way Home’, is palpable. ‘Bullets’ is such an emotional song with beautiful lyrics (”The bullets have flown/The memories are gone/ I’m always leaving/But you’re like the blood from a stone”). ‘Bullets’, much like the rest of this album, feels raw, honest and touching.

‘Give Me The Love’ is also a lyrical masterpiece. The words are simple, but feel true (‘Give me the love that I’m dreaming of’). And I could continue, but I would repeat myself. Nothing feels linear about this album. The undertone is dark and melancholic. But each song is individually a gem.

‘I Watched Your Heart’ is the closest thing to a ballad. But what a ballad! The arrangements are once again spot on. And Rick’s voice in this song is simply incredible. It adds a fragile edge to this track that just hits you even harder.

The last song, ‘Breaking Up In Berlin’, feels like an explosion.

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