Matthew and The Atlas “Temple”

Caroline Distribution | April 22, 2016

Temple by Matthew and the Atlas cover art

With a general darker mood (the incredible ‘Modern World, On A Midnight Street) and daring music arrangements (Graveyard Parade), Temple is simply a blast to listen to. It is a very well constructed album with each song sounding very distinctive. To us, Matthew’s voice is particularly stunning in this record. It does not sound slick or airbrushed. You can hear/feel the emotions and sometimes exhaustion in his voice. It is an aspect of the record we really loved. If you look for some music that feels raw, authentic and complex all at the same time, this is the record for you. The final track ‘When The Light Hits The Water’ is the perfect way to finish what may be one of the best albums of the year. An ambitious, honest and stunning album! 10/10

Personal Favorite: Modern World

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