Paper Compass “Shooting Stars”

Paper Compass | April 8, 2016

Paper Compass Shooting Stars cover art

I discovered Paper Compass on Noisetrade (this website is incredible to discover new music!). My first thought while listening to ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ (his first album) was that it was really beautiful. Paper Compass’ music, it’s a guitar and a soft voice most of the times. And it is more than fine by me when it’s done so well. The melodies are gorgeous. The lyrics feel personal. And, in this acoustic-driven EP, he just offers us a marvellous collection of 4 songs that will make you daydream on a busy subway ride. Paper Compass’ music is dreamy, beautiful and peaceful. This EP is the perfect one to listen to when life feels overwhelming.

Personal Favourite: Rain

Check out more about Paper Compass on Noisetrade.

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