Roo Panes “Paperweights”

CRC Music | December 4, 2015

Cover art for Paperweights by Roo Panes

His first album ‘Little Giant’ was a revelation. We still have it on repeat after 2 years. This second album is simply a superb follow-up. If you love singer-songwriters who can convey a lot with just a guitar and a voice, you will definitely love him. With his deep voice, stripped down instrumentals and poetic lyrics, he just takes you on a small journey. Superbly melancholic at times (the last 45 seconds of the song Paperweights!), this album is just a confirmation that Roo Panes is an artist to follow. Perfect music to listen to on a quiet morning with a good cup of tea/coffee before a long day.

Listen to Roo Panes’ music on Spotify and Youtube.

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