David Nevory “Light In The Shadows”

David Nevory | May 15, 2016

Light In The Shadows by David Nevory cover art

It is one of our favourite releases of the month of May. This is pure and genuine folk music. “Seven Seals” is an incredible opener. The song grows in intensity, and blossoms into an amazing folk-rock track. “City Of Dreams” is another folk-rock gem that feels traditional and authentic. “Creatures” is the highlight of this release lyrically. The first words of this song (‘On their trail up to the sky, creatures wander through the night on their own, and share fear of the dark.’) will just transport you to another world. “Down In The Woods” is a song a young Ryan Adams could have penned (for Heartbreaker or Gold). Maybe it is the harmonica and the sad undertone, but this song really stands out. The gorgeous and melancholic “Peace Of Mind” is an absolutely perfect closing track. As David’s voice fades away, the only feeling that’ll stay with you will be an urge to listen to this release again (and you totally should). This EP is stunning and compelling. 5 stars in our book!

Personal Favourite: Down In The Woods

Want to find out more about David Nevory? Read our interview with the band here.

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