Matt Paxton “Let Me Rock N' Roll Tonight”

Other Songs Music | June 3, 2016

Let Me Rock N' Roll Tonight by Matt Paxton cover art

Mat Paxton just released a new EP. This is one of the releases I just couldn’t wait to hear. And it did not disappoint. It is a subtly melancholic album that feels like a roller coaster. A great one.

Here’s my track by track commentary:

‘Dream With Me’: The first few lines are absolutely stunning (“It climbs every tree, turns every stone. It sets me free, and takes me home.”). And this song achieves exactly what the title says. It just grabs your heart (and ears), and makes the world disappear for a few minutes. It is melancholic with this hint of alt-country that will rejoice any fan of the genre.

‘Let Me Rock N’ Roll Tonight’: It is such a catchy tune with some of the best arrangements of the album.

‘Pasadena’: It builds on the energy of the title track. It is a great rock-folk song. I particularly loved the melancholic undertone the lyrics bring to this song (“Are you still running around like a ghost in those streets?”).

‘When You Get Back From Portland’ : This more stripped back song will make you fall even harder for this album (if you still needed to).

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