Donovan Woods “Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled”

Meant Well | February 26, 2016

Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled album by Donovan Woods cover art

It’s lunch break, and I’ve decided to take this half hour to listen to Donovan Woods’ brand new record. By chance, the total time of this album is 33 minutes. It might seem short, but with an artist like Donovan Woods, the music feels so ‘full’ that it does not matter. You’ll get more satisfaction listening to 3 of his songs rather than 15 of some other successful singer-songwriter (not naming anyone).

I’ve been a fan for many years. I do think he’s incredibly under-rated considering his consistency. He’s never had a bad album. Donovan Woods, it’s this subtlety and this calm intensity. In this record, his songwriting is on point. I had a very poignant moment when I heard “They Don’t Make Anything In That Town” for the first time. Maybe it is the piano with the strings. Or the lyrics. And I do love sad songs.

To conclude, Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled is a perfect album to get lost in. The general mood is a bit sad, but it’s beautiful. It’s the kind of music to take with you on a pensive and melancholic trip. Really cathartic to listen to.

Listen to Donovan Woods on Soundcloud and Spotify. For more information, visit his website.

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