Scott Orr “Everything”

Other Songs Music | March 11, 2016

Everything by Scott Orr album cover art

Scott Orr just released his new album Everything. And I am literally in love with this new record. To be honest, I still have on repeat ‘A Long Life’ (a full-length acoustic version of this album is available on Spotify- strongly recommend it).

Listening to this record is like a magical escape. It has everything (no pun intended). It has powerful melancholic masterpieces (‘Still Waiting’, ‘Kids’, ‘Hundred Thousand Times’). It has mesmerising arrangements (like in the opening track ‘By The Way’, or in ‘Devil’). And, if you love Scott Orr’s more acoustic side, ‘Still Waiting’ and ‘Kids’ are two absolutely gorgeous softer songs.

This album is a masterpiece full of contrasts and layers you get to uncover the more you listen to it. The production is just perfect. The echo effect to Scott’s voice in the closing track ‘Almost Everything’ is simply genius. It gives this sublime sad song an even more haunting edge. I cannot recommend this album enough! 5/5

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