South Villa Records | August 26, 2016

One Lone Boy EP #1 cover art

EP #1 by ONE LONE BOY is out today! With his deep and soulful voice, ONE LONE BOY delivers a stellar debut EP. It is dark and uplifting all at the same time.

The first song I heard from him was ‘They All Came Crashing Down’. I can clearly remember that I stopped whatever I was doing the second it started playing. His music just captivated me.

Listening to his EP is like a roller-coaster. Indeed, it does not stay in one place. The arrangements are incredible (I absolutely loved the use of the strings throughout the EP- particularly in ‘Summer Skies’). And the beautifully constructed instrumentals combined with his very distinctive vocals make every song a brand new adventure for the listener. Maybe that is what I enjoyed the most about this EP. Each track stands strong on its own – from the very soulful ‘Bring It Home’ to the stunning ‘Soul Suicide’ (his tribute to Amy Winehouse).

In my honest opinion, he is in his own world/dimension musically. EP#1 is one of my favourite EPs of the year. You know an EP is good when it makes you wish you could listen to another 40 songs by the artist. Don’t waste another minute and give it a listen. Mind-blowing!

Check out his EP on itunes.

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