Andrew Belle “Dive Deep”

Andrew Belle Inc. | August 25, 2017

Dive Deep by Andrew Belle cover art

Four years after his album Black Bear (still a personal favorite), American singer-songwriter Andrew Belle just released his new album Dive Deep. The record is sonically very harmonious. Belle’s sound is a perfect blend of pop, touches of electronic music and folk.

This record is very soothing. It is rather addictive. In Dive Deeper, it really feels like Andrew Belle has matured his sound. And it is such a blast to reconnect with his music. All the songs fit together perfectly. There are some absolute gorgeous lyrics too. To sum up, it is a great come back that does not disappoint. Personal favorite in this record: Black Clouds, Horizon and Dive Deep

Autumn, it pulls apart

Primary colors that we know by heart

So what’s the rush for?

If it’s good, it never goes away

[from his song Black Clouds]

For more about Andrew Belle, check out his website.

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