Hayden Calnin “Cut Love Pt 2”

Gaga Digi / Woodlyn Records | May 13, 2016

Cut Love Pt 2 by Hayden Calnin cover art

Just 2 months after his debut album, Hayden Calnin releases a splendid second album. The general tone feels darker and, somehow, more powerful (thinking about White Night). Hayden Calnin, it’s this very special ability to merge folk and electronic music. The songs feel raw, real and human. Calnin’s voice (often compared to Justin Vernon’s) plays a huge role in that. Songs like “You” and “Park Beers” (incredible closing track) really struck a chord with us. This record feels personal, vulnerable and strong all at the same time. Cannot recommend it enough. And listen to his first album beforehand. Both form a very unique collection of songs that might get emotional at times (but it really is cathartic).

Personal Favourite: Ultra-Beast

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