Albosel “Container”

Hawk Moon Records | August 3, 2016

Container EP by Albosel cover art

Sometimes you put a record on and you are just directly charmed. You just know that you will play it again and again and talk your friends’ ears off about how great it is. It is mostly how I felt when I listened to Container EP by Albosel for the first time. I directly closed my eyes and let myself get taken away in an alternate universe guided by gorgeous melancholic melodies and sublime vocals. There is something dreamlike about Albosel’s new release (the vocals, the arrangements).

I listened to it on the subway yesterday and felt like I was acting in a Sofia Coppola’s movie (amazing experience!). Everything seemed to slow down. Yes, it has a melancholic feel to it. However, I would not put this EP in my wallow-in-sadness playlist. I found it profoundly soothing. Listening to it reminded me of the beauty you can find in the small things.

The past few months have been very strange and hard for many people. When everything seems to go awry, this type of release can really keep us grounded. I call it magical. I know this is a term often overused these days. But this record is exactly that: magical. It is also poetic, dreamy and full of light. I am going to stop now as this is not an assignment for a creative writing class (and I am not a talented enough writer to explain how great this EP is).

To conclude, I really hope these few awkward sentences will make you listen to it. A very special EP!

EP available on Bandcamp.

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