Dia Frampton “Bruises”

Nettwerk | March 3, 2017

Bruises by Dia Frampton cover art

Singer-songwriter Dia Frampton just released a new album Bruises. After five years, she is back with a record that was well worth the wait. I remember reading Dia’s write up (I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing) where she explained the full context of the album and its place in her life. This article, to me, showed the stark reality of the music industry today. An industry where being close to 30 is considered being too old (especially if you are a woman). She had a lot on her heart when she wrote this article. And that made me (and I think anyone who read it) want her to succeed even more.

Bruises is an album about struggles and perseverance (Out Of The Dark, Chances). However, a central piece of the album is the idea of self-acceptance. It is about reconciling with old memories and the past (Gold and Silver). It is about reconciling the person she is today with the person she grew up thinking she would/should be. The superb Don’t Look Back is the perfect example of that theme. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is giving up on the ideas we have of what is right/good and let life happen.

Fall in the tunnels
Float into nothing
Shedding my clothes
I’m all I’ve got now, and I forgive me for not making it home

[from her song Lights]

This album never falls into self-pity or bitterness. Bruises is not a sad record. It is a come back story full of vulnerability, honesty and grace. It is captivating and relatable.

For more information about Dia, visit her website or/and follow her on Twitter.

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