The Pines “Above The Prairie”

Red House Records | February 5, 2016

Above The Prairie by The Pines album cover art

Above The Prairie by The Pines is just the kind of music we need in today’s world. Beautiful music with meaningful lyrics and magical arrangements. This album, just like its cover art, is splendid. It does not take much effort to get into this record. Indeed, it’s one of those ‘real’ albums to get on vinyl.

It’s not a collection of potential singles. “Aerial Ocean” is the perfect opener with its atmospheric first 30 seconds that directly pull you in. The superb instrumental “Lost Nation” is dreamy and pensive. It is incredible what can be expressed with just a melody. “Hanging On The Earth” is a heartbreaking masterpiece lyrically and melodically (‘I lost my way. Now you’re leaving me hanging from the earth’). Finishing with spoken words (“Time Dreams”) is bold, but it fits the ensemble perfectly. This album can be impactful in the way it makes you feel or think. Life is short, and the moments we take to appreciate something make it meaningful. Take the time to listen to this album. It’s beautiful, sad, bittersweet, and magical.

Personal Favourite: Hanging On The Earth

For more info, visit their website and Spotify page.

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