Zach Bolen “1001”

BC Music | June 3, 2016

1001 By Zach Bolen cover art

If you love a good indie-rock album, this one is for you. It is truly a blast to listen to this release. You’ll probably relate easily to the themes of the album (self-doubt, finding oneself, saying goodbye to someone you love). This is a wonderful indie-rock record that rings true*.

Track By Track Review:


It is a an anthemic rock song. I found it really uplifting. Sometimes, you do not know where you’re going. And it is fine. It is a beautiful rock song about letting go, and just going for it. It is really a perfect start to this album.

Stay Runaway

It is a delightful angsty break up song. I just love how it turns almost grungy by the end.

What They Will Never Find

The arrangements and production are just incredible. This track also has some of my favourite lyrics of the album (‘Here we are, (see) it’s a perfect sunny day/ I’ll be my rocket/ Let’s fly to outer space/ And, then, dance on the moon’). A really dreamy and joyful song. This is rock music! It has that ability to be uplifting without purposely trying to be (not a cliche song).

‘Holding You Close’ and ‘Without Conditions’

They sound a tad more mellow (in a good way). They both have a hint of americana in them (which I personally loved).

Leave Me Alone

It is a rock power ballad.

I Will Let You Down

It is the softest song of the record. I really loved how clear Zach Bolen’s voice sounds in this track. You can really appreciate the quality of his voice.

Carry On

The strings and the lyrics (‘I’m sorry that I’m leaving you so soon/ Death is a bitter pill/ But, carry on/ I’ll always be with you’) make it a haunting, and dreamy ending song.

*Perfect album for a road trip!

Check the album out on Bandcamp.

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