Tiny Dolphin “Calm For Color”

Tiny Dolphin | May 17, 2019

Indie rock Tiny Dolphin Cover Art: Tiny Dolphin

Tiny Dolphin is singer-songwriter and producer Alex Fisher’s new project. We previously had heard Alex Fisher in some more acoustic driven and stripped down songs (such as “Black and Blue” from his very beautiful EP “The Sailor’s Wife”). With this album, he moves away from acoustic folk songs. He comes back with more complex compositions and melodies that have lots of layers.

When you listen to songs like “Come Apart”, “White Tiger” or the title track “Calm For Color”, you can hear so many different music influences (from rock to some hints of jazz and electro). It is fun to listen to because, generally, the song structures move away from the very effective formula verse-chorus-bridge. But the move is not chaotic. It offers us some beautiful moments of music like the crazy good piano performance in “Appalachian”. And, more importantly, it keeps us on our toes (in a good way).

This record is the opposite of monotonous. It reminded us of artists we love such as Sufjan Stevens or Imogen Heap. Like Tiny Dolphin, they experiment a great deal with arrangement and different influences. And you get the feeling that the songs have a life on their own.

“Calm For Color” is the type of record you won’t listen to the same way twice. It is full of those little moments that take you by surprise. It is creative, fun, emotional at times. A real gem!

If you want to get more info about Tiny Dolphin, check out their facebook page.


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