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Folk singer-songwriter Tom Speight

Photo Credit: Tom Speight Facebook Page

If you have not yet come across Tom Speight’s music, you are about to discover your next favourite artist. Tom Speight is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter from England. His music takes the best elements of folk and pop music. The result is a raw and infectiously good sound that sticks with you. He has already released two EPs this year (Little Love & Falling) and has a third one in the making. Earlier this month, he released his EP Falling (which I have had on repeat ever since it came out). I had the chance to get to ask him a few questions about his new EP, touring experiences and his career so far.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Congratulations for your new EP ‘Falling’! The last few days must have felt a little crazy.

Thank you so much. I feel very lucky to be making music. This is my 2nd EP of the year and it seems like people are really connecting to the songs, which is lovely!

Can you tell me more about your story as a singer-songwriter? How and when did you start out writing songs? Have you always gravitated toward music?

Music has always been my thing ever since I was about 3 years old! I didn’t really have a choice about it. It felt like the only thing that excited me and I could lose myself in. I started writing at about 9 years old and slowly building up songs from then. I’ve always been the biggest music fan too of other acts. I had childhood obsessions with Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles and Oasis, constantly playing their albums!

Which artists would you say have had the biggest impact on you as a songwriter?

I would say Ryan Adams and Noel Gallagher. Noel Gallagher for melody and Ryan Adams for the feel/mood of a song. Both great songwriters.

Which one of your songs would you pick to introduce your music to a new listener?

I think ‘Little Love’ is a good start. It was the first thing I put out this year and still feels like an good introduction to my music.

You’ve recently released your new (incredible) EP ‘Falling’. You’ve surrounded yourself again with the wonderful Turin Brakes and Chris Bond. With the extraordinary response you got for your EP ‘Little Love’, how different was the making of ‘Falling’?

It was harder because I’ve toured a lot this year and didn’t have as much time to make it but it felt very exciting because I had an audience from Little Love. I’m really excited for everyone to hear the 4 EPs which will come out this year.

Your lead single, ‘Falling’, features some stellar vocals by Rachel Sermanni. How did that collaboration come about?

Rachel was on my list of chosen girl singers I wanted to feature and she said yes! I absolutely love her voice and she is very cool too!

Is there an artist you dream to collaborate with?

Girl singer wise, Norah Jones hands down!

Was there a song on this new EP that was particularly hard to finish?

The Falling EP wasn’t hard to write. I think Little Love was harder because we were still finding my sound. Falling was just a natural progression from that.

Earlier this year, you were touring with Turin Brakes. How was it to support them on tour?

It was a lot of fun! I’ve been very lucky with support slots like Turin Brakes & Seafret. It’s the best way for me to connect with people.

You’ve also recently opened a show for Tom Odell.

That was great! He is a great performer plus he has an awesome live band. Nice guys too!

Do you have any solo concert planned for this summer?

I’m going to be touring in October and hopefully covering a lot of miles!

2016 feels like such a huge year for you with the tour, the new EPs, and the success on Spotify. What would be the top 5 moments of your career so far?

Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed it so far! I feel like I’ve still got a lot more to give. Top 5 so far…Falling was the highest singer songwriter release in the U.K when it came out, playing 60 shows already, having people msg me all round the world, Little Love EP reaching well over 2 million plays, playing music full time.

Will there be an album down the line?

Definitely but for now I’m concentrating on the EPs and growing a fan base.

Last question, what is your favourite song/album right now?

Japanese House – Clean

Thank you so much again for the interview. Best of luck with everything.

Thank you.

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