NEO&NEO is a brilliant indie folk band from Switzerland. Formed in 2015, they released in September 2016 their debut album "Before The Birds Start To Sing". The record is ambitious and full of surprises. It is relatable and refreshing. Read our interview with the band here.


Reddening West is a four-piece alt-folk band based in Austin, TX. They released earlier this year a sublime Ep "Where We Started". Melodies that feel infinite, poetic, dark and relatable lyrics...not enough words to express how special their music is. Read the full interview with Matt Evans (1/4 of the band) here.


Michael Jayson is a singer/songwriter (and also an actor) living in New York City. His music is the perfect mix of pop, rock with hints of echo. He already released two Eps ("Running In The Spectrum" and "The Living Room Sessions"). We had the chance to talk music with him. Read the full interview here.


Read our interview with alt folk singer/songwriter Ren. Ren is Conor Owen's new musical venture. His melodies simply feel infinite. If you have a thing for beautiful alt folk songs, you will love his music. He is about to release his second single "The Coast". Read it here.


Artist Highlight 6! Meet Rich Stephenson and his music in this new exclusive interview. I discovered Rich with his first Ep "I AM RICH (red)", a superb collection of folk/acoustic songs. He is now back with a new Ep "I AM RICH (blue)". The songs feel very uplifting. I got the chance to ask him a few questions about the Ep and his music. Read the full interview here.


New Artist Highlight! Meet Oktoba and his music in our new exclusive interview. It was a real honour to get to ask Chris a few questions about his story and his brilliant songs. Incredible English singer-songwriter with so many soul-touching songs. Read the full interview here.


Harry Young is a young singer-songwriter from Scotland. His music blends beautifully pop, folk and soul music. He has now released his debut EP 'Cocktails & Dreams'. We had the chance to get to ask him a few questions about his story, his music influences and the best advice he's received...Read the full interview here.


If you have not yet come across Tom Speight's music, you are about to discover your next favourite artist. Tom Speight is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter from England. His music takes the best elements of folk and pop music. The result is a raw and infectiously good sound that sticks with you. Earlier this month, he released his EP Falling (which I have had on repeat ever since it came out). I had the chance to get to ask him a few questions about his new EP, touring experiences and his career so far. Read it here.


Ipswich based alternative rock band War Waves will release in October their second album, All That We Lack. They have recently released their new single, 'Horses', a head banging new song that will only leave you wanting more. I had the chance to get an interview with Marc Newby (singer/guitarist/songwriter) to talk about what we can expect from the new release (and other cool stuff...). Read the full interview here.


In May, David Nevory released independently a brand new EP, Light In The Shadows. My melancholic little heart is in heaven every time I give it a spin (read the review here). I had the chance (and honour) to get to ask David a few questions about his story and this new EP. Read the full interview here.


Wylder is an amazing indie-folk band based in Washington DC. Their music is a very unique mix of the best elements of pop and folk with an indie touch. They released independently in April their debut album, Rain and Laura. I had the chance to get an interview with Will McCarry (lead vocalist/songwriter/guitarist). We talked about the history of the band and of this specific record. Read the interview.


Canyon City is Paul J. Johnson’s solo indie-folk project that he launched back in 2015. He has already released 3 excellent EPs (Flicker A Light, Refuge, Smoke & Ash). The melodies are acoustic-driven and simply gorgeous. I had the chance to get an interview with Paul at a very special time for him. Indeed, he is currently working on Canyon City’s first album! We chatted about music (his influences, inspirations), the different projects in which he's been involved (Silver Trees, Oh Gravity), and, of course, Canyon City. Read the full-length interview