Jake Etheridge- You Found Me First

Favourite Lyrics:


And a pack of hungry wolves had my back down to the dirt, but you found me first. You found me first.


Artist's Website:


Benjamin Francis Leftwich- Mayflies

Favourite Lyrics:


I don't wanna say something, afraid to make it true.

Lying in the pieces, I've got enough to lose.


Artist's Website:




Dustin Tebbutt- First Light

Favourite Lyrics:


I'm looking up to where we carved our names in stone. 


Artist's Website:




Leaves & Trees- Who Is That Man

Favourite Lyrics:


Who is that man sitting all alone in his old land, living in a world you can't reach him?


Artist's Website:


Gregory Alan Isakov- Master & a Hound

   Favourite Lyrics:


   Can you shake it up/ Just once          

   for me/ Your little globe just so  

   we can see/ The snow blowing

   round your hands.


   Artist's Website:


Radical Face- Secrets (Cellar Door)

Favourite Lyrics:


So I said: ''Leave me alone, if your only words are ugly ones.'' And you just smiled.


Artist's Website:



Roo Panes- Paperweight

Favourite Lyrics:


Are you not afraid of what it may all look like on the other side of truth? No longer bulletproof?


Artist's Website: http://www.roopanes.co.uk

Charlie Cunningham- Blindfold

Favourite Lyrics:


If it's dragging you down and you're giving it more than it brings, you can rearrange everything. It won't stay the same. Nothing is everlasting. 


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Matthew And The Atlas- Old Master

Favourite Lyrics:


I disappeared. I found a way. I made a choice, not to stay. I held it down. I watched it die. The life we made faded away.


Artist's Website: http://www.matthewandtheatlas.com


Matt Sucich- Montauk

Favourite Lyrics:


So give tomorrow and I'll miss yesterday, but I won't pretend I know it all today. Well I know what's right, and I know what ain't. It's hard to feel united in this here state. 


Artist's Website:




The Weepies- World Spins Madly On

Favourite Lyrics:


I let the day go by. I always say goodbye. I watch the stars from my window sill. The whole world is moving, and I'm just standing still. 


Artist's Website:



WINTER- The Biggest Truth

Favourite Lyrics:


When I was young, I thought it was normal. Now I know that there is no normal. Have I only really got myself to blame?


Artist's Website: http://www.winterinthedark.com

Unkle Bob- Maybe Mediocrity

Favourite Lyrics:


Well I can't deal with failure. But I can't deal with success. Maybe mediocrity is what suits me best. And I wish I could tell you all of my regrets.


Artist's Website: http://www.unklebob.com


What about you? What are your favourite songs right now?

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