REVIEW: Some Notion Or Novelty by Thomas Hine

Written By Olivia C.


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There are so many facets in this album that I honestly think it takes time to fully appreciate it. It is actually one of the things I love the most about this record. I know that, in a few months or years, I could potentially fall in love with a song I hadn't quite paid attention to. There is, honestly, a lot of good material in Thomas Hine's new album. At the core of his music, there is this beautiful traditional folk sound. When I write traditional, I mean his music will hit home for many folk music lovers. But he also brings something very special. Lots of heart. No matter how cheesy it might sound, you can just feel it when you listen to him.


The opening track might not be the most representative of the rest of the album that is a lot more acoustic and soft. However, after a few plays, I find it to be a bold start. "Just Like Juan Ortiz" felt like an arrow through the heart the first time I heard it. It is softer and beautifully melancholic with just the right hint of americana. From that song onward, the record is magical. "Koblenz Corner" just grabbed me at the opening line ("You'd better love her."). It is as heartfelt as "Clodia + Songs", one of the standout tracks for me. I found the arrangements of this song powerful, as they really complement perfectly one of the darkest songs of the album (lyrics-wise). "Monsters" is very poetic. The harmonica at the end is sublime (just like in "Never Forget"). "The Turn That Time Had Taken" is another melancholic masterpiece. While listening to this record, I felt like I was always one step away from getting completely lost in his music. This album is really a journey. 


If you have a melancholic heart like mine and love music that balances perfectly americana and folk, this album is for you. It is melancholic, heartbreaking at times, poetic and so many other things. The more I listen to this album the more it feels like a treasure island. When you play it, you are always one note away from finding another gem. Strongly recommended!


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