Music Wednesday N˚1: 5 Songs, 5 Coups de Coeur

Written by Olivia C.

To me, there's music for every occasion. And, a truly great song can touch you even if you're not into that genre of music in the first place. For the blog (and also for me), I look into every possible corner of Soundcloud to find some great songs to recommend. So here's a potpourri of some of my favourite this week. And, hopefully, you'll hear what I hear when I listen to them...

1) Stereo- Tenterhook

Tenterhook is Archie Faulks' music project. He decided earlier this year to take a break from Tenterhook. However, it's no reason not to appreciate the pure brilliance of his music. I find this song profoundly uplifting. In my head, freedom would sound like this! It is also my go to song when I need to start writing. So, if you struggle with writer's block, this one might be your remedy.

2) Things- Dom Robinson

This track is incredible. The building harmonies, the arrangements, Dom Robinson's breathy vocals...I've listened to the whole EP, and there's something really special about him. This track is a gorgeous masterpiece. It is catchy and mesmerising in an almost unsettling way. Do yourself a favour, and listen to a few of his songs (like 'Fawn'). You're in for a magical moment. 

3) The Words You Say- Harrison Storm

Superb song from his debut EP 'Sense of Home',  released last year. The EP is a sublime piece of music, produced by none other than the hugely talented Hayden Calnin. This song is probably my favourite of his. It is beautiful, melancholic, and soft. I love the general feel of the track. It is subtly incredible. (The whole EP is really worth a listen!). 

4) You To Me- Oktoba

I am not a skilled enough writer to express how beautiful and incredible this song is. Stunning track. From start to finish, there is just something magical that happens. This one just carries you in its sweet melancholy. One of the many gems of Oktoba's debut album, Smoke Signals.

5) The Cure- Faint Peter

This is one of the stand-out tracks of Faint Peter's debut album. The melody and the superb guitar playing just make listening to this track a wonderful experience. It seems cheesy to write that, but it's true. This is so beautiful that it makes me strangely happy when I put this one on. Hopefully, you'll feel a bit like me...

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