Listen To 'You and Me', the new single by The Unknown Neighbour

It is finally here! The Unknown Neighbour, aka Berlin based singer-songwriter Sascha Zemke, releases his new single, 'You and Me'. It might well be my summer song this year. It is an incredibly catchy folk song. You can't help but feel light and positive while listening to it. And I guess it is well needed right now with all that is going on with the world. The arrangements are spot on with the addition of the banjo (!) that makes this track even more addictive. The sound of the banjo always reminds me of Mumford & Sons' first album that showed one more time that you could create very modern and bold songs using this instrument. And honestly, what makes this track even better is the lyrics. My favourite ones are:  


'Cause I wanna feel what I've missed those years/ Wanna know and see what's beyond my fears.'


Can it get better than that? Maybe not. Anyway, give it a listen now, and escape this world for a few minutes.

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